Terms & Condition - Realty Roof

Premium Marketing Package

1. Owners will have to provide a mandate of 3 months for property transaction. Once listed on Realty Roof, if the property is transacted by any third party, that will result in the Owner paying Realty Roof co. Rs. 15,000/-. Also, in such a case, Realty Roof co. is not liable to refund the original package amount.

2. In Case of the Premium Package, timeline for closure mentioned above is subject to increase if the rates / location / specifications of the property do not match with each other

3. Realty Roof will only act as a sales booster platform, not a sales guarantor. Our aim is to provide better sales results in a short span of time.

4. Realty Roof assures the client to use the package amount to achieve the desired results. Hence if the results are not satisfactory in terms of:

  • a. No site visits
  • b. No leads generated
  • c. No Negotiations
Then Realty Roof co. will refund 50% of the listing package amount excluding GST paid on it.

5. If Realty Roof arranges minimum 3 site visits or 2 negotiation visits from a prospective buyer, but the deal falls short due to any given reason, then Realty Roof is not liable to refund the package amount.

6. Property marketing activities are processed from Realty Roof within 5 – 8 working days after payment is cleared.

7. Realty Roof has all rights to decide property marketing strategies on all platforms.

Sales Assistance

1. This package only provides man-power assistance to clients. Account managers will assist (Calls + site visit) the leads of the property on behalf of the owner(s).

2. Man power assistance includes calls handling + site visits management + listing property on other portals for the property owner. Realty Roof is going to be the face of property

3. We aim in providing all managing assistance based on the leads provided but we don’t guarantee any sales transactions here.

4. Account managers need to be informed a minimum two hours prior to the site visit if requested by owner side directly on urgent notice. If personally coordinated in advance, no minimum time is required as date and schedule will be pre-fixed.

5. In case of personal / relatives requests (owner is not living in Pune) there is a limitation of 15 visits in the package

6. However, site visits from any prospects (Buyer) will not be charged unlimited for 45 days

7. After 15 site visits, an owner is viable to request for more assistance on site visits at an extra cost per visit.

8. Thorough details of the property along with pictures has to be provided.

9. This is a transactional partner-platform. We don’t engage in maintenance activities of the property.

10. We only assist the property owners in listing the property on digital platforms. Any cost incurred to buy listing packages on any online portal will be borne by property owners.

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